Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yours--#AZ Rains/Wings Series--Angels, Guardians, & Soul Mates

The earth shatters around me
Each time you speak my name.

The silence I hear 
As you look at me
Is all that I can see
Each time I think about
You reaching out to touch me.

I see it all so clearly
Your hands on me
Your face close to mine
Your breath in my ear.

Your pulse racing
I feel your heartbeat against my chest
See your jaw tighten
Your breath catch in your throat.

Your silence kills me
Always silence
Your eyes that never leave me
Your head turns slightly
Tilts up to look to look down at me 
through shadowed eyes.

That look
That one
That catches me off guard
Always surprises me
How I stop breathing for that
One second in time
As you've again captured me
you know I won't look away.

Hold me here
Is what I always seem to say to you
Hold me in this separate place
Atatched to another existence
Where only you & I can be
Let the rest of them drift away.

The rain starts
As it always seems to
When I'm with you
Like a enchanted god
Bringing my survival into view.

Kiss me
It's all I want from you
In this moment
In this place you've made real
Kiss me
Taste what only belongs to you.

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