Thursday, July 31, 2014

Always--These People In My Mind--Mystical&Sacred/Wings/Roses/AZ Rains Series

Here I am
Laying here
Thinking of you.

It's funny
How I lay here
Seeing your face.
Thinking of you
As if you had really been
here with me.

I miss you.
And yet 
I've never met you.

And yet
I've known you 
My whole life.
Dreamed of you.
Thought of you.
Sat right here
In this place
And written of you.

They say 
You can't dream of someone
You've never met.
That your mind can't conjure 
An image it's never seen.

I know that can't be true
Because the things
I've seen in my sleep
Are things of nightmares
That never were.

How can it be true
When I've never stopped 
Dreaming of you.

I've known you
My whole life.
One of the few images 
That didn't scare me
That brought me comfort.

I saw you so often back then.
Not as much any more.
Maybe you really were
A child's mind
Trying to escape.

Maybe you really are somewhere
In this place
Outside of me & my dreams.

Maybe you're somewhere
In between.
And I can remember you
When I fall asleep
When I dream.
When I pick up a pen
& a tiny touch screen keyboard
When I write of you.

It doesn't really matter
Is what I've come to think.
You've become my companion
My source of comfort
Of imagining.

And you will always be.
Because either way
I have the feeling
You'll always be with me.

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