Thursday, July 3, 2014

Their Gift -- SJ & B(You Know Why)-- #Anipals -- #OTRB -- Hope & Survivors

Love is Eternal.
It can't be changed
Or tarnished
Or deminished by time.
Time in fact
Is a bonding compound.
Made by the Universe.
To seal forever
What has formed
In our Earthly moments
Spent here together.
Forever cemented.
In a place
Beyond our
Most beautiful imaginings.
Where all good things 
Must go.
Where those better parts
Of ourselves fall back to Earth.
And Bless us with reminders
Of who we really are.
Our Memories
Our Loved Ones
Our Souls.
Intertwined with Another.
This is a Gift.
A way to help us remember.
That who we Love never leaves us.
That they stay with us
In us
Are us
Every day.
That we always are
That we always will be


  1. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. :) NP I wrote this a long time ago--For an Anipal who shared the loss of her Fur Kid. It struck me at just the right time-& this is the result. I've been lucky enough to understand that eternal bond-to feel the moment of letting go-& realizing they are still with me. That this & the next life are the same. It's our Earthly perception most days, that filters that realization, so we don't realized it. I'm glad I was able to share this with you. May you & Maddox always know this kind of love. :)