Friday, June 20, 2014

These Ppl In My Mind--Mystical&Sacred/Wings/AZ Rains Series--Invisible Inspiration On My Blog

You'll see many of the same ppl here.
Many the same way, over & over again.
Many you'll see reencarnated as something new 
But familiar.

Many of these ppl, are in fact, real living flesh & blood ppl.

They are who I've become over time--& I want you to know them...because 
They are me & I am them 
In many ways-- or at least in the way I see them here.

Then there are the ones I see 
Only with my minds eye.
The ones a logical eye would call my daydreams.
And a clinical eye may call a way to see my world 
Through fantasy colored glasses.

I share these ppl with you...because they are also a part of me.
They are how I wish to see things.How I believe things could be.

And how, in some ways, I feel things really are.

I think this world is full of symbles--Signs--Magic.

And yes--Maybe this is simply hope--But hope is key my friends.

Hope is what creates doubt--Doubt that what we see is all there really is--That maybe there really is more.

And more is good.More is beautiful.

More is what creates a picture of faith--Of a future--Of a new beginning.

Of a place we haven't seen yet--But we know exists.

That's where I wish to take you.

Somewhere magical.

Hop on & enjoy the ride.

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