Friday, June 20, 2014

Reverence--AZ Rains/Angels,Guardians,&Soul Mates/Hope&Survivors Series

All's quiet.
I hear only your name.
On my lips
In my mind.
Rain all around me
& somehow I hear nothing but you.

Your taste on my mouth
A recent memory.
Or maybe that's only me
Remembering how I thought you felt.
How you might feel 
On my tongue.

Is all I see 
When I look at you.
A thought
A fleeting moment.
When I imagined you
Around me.
Your arms around my body.
Your hands on my hips
Sliding onto my waist.

Your face.
It's all I see.
Even as I close my eyes
I can only seem to conjure your face.
Those eyes that see everything 
And I hate you for what you know.
A sigh out of that beautiful mouth
Settles on my skin
As you look at me.

Contentment & confusion .
At me.
With me.
It feels the same
& you know.
You know everything
& still you return.
Again & again.
And again.

You hold me here in your sights
& pin me to this wall of transparency
& of clarity
That scared me once.
But no more.
I let you hold me there.
Arms over me 
Looking down at me.
Eyes that don't pierce me
Like they once could.

Because I've seen myself.
Seen what I am.
Know what is there
And I don't terrify me anymore.
Not even you can scare me any more.

I let you come to me.
In this darkened place.
Rain pours at my feet
Soaks in my clothes.
I leave my shoes behind
A sacrifice to the nature 
Of the beast that once was.

I walk free now.
Unincombered by practicality 
By so called truth.
I stand here
A wet goddess.
Here before you
& demand your offering.
Your truth.
Your faith.
Your eternity.

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