Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blessings--It's All In How You See It--To The Ones I Wrote This For(You Know Why)--Hope&Survivors--CareGivers--Recovery--Mental Illness--Special Needs

To spend her nights 
Exhausted with remorse & shame
Never sure 
That she has or will or can
Do enough.

To be so desperately afraid
To close her eyes
That the only one who should matter now
Will not wake up in the morning
Because she selfishly slept.

To know only a room away
Is the only one before this one
That she ever really loved
Is lying there pondering ending her own existence.

To know only a few miles away
The only one she ever respected before this one
Broke all the rules she ever cared about
& Walked away bent seemingly beyond repair.

To dream a sleep deprivated moment
Each time she blinked & closed her eyes
Aware that each night
Would bring only this.....

To walk outside those few stolen moments
Look into the stars
& Know the world is bigger than she is
& This too shall pass.

To wake up decades later
Knowing it was for a reason
& Looking back it was worth it
& They all survived.

This is the blessing so many wait for
And so she stands
Not alone
But with the beauty of the Universe
With her
Declaring her Strength
Her Faith
Her Love.

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