Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Understanding Why--Who I See When I Write On My Blog

There's been an amazing response to my work here--& I do hesitate to use what feels like a professionals term like "My Work".

It feels like things other ppl do--Or what a person might put together if they thought it thru.

Frankly--I don't see myself this way.

I sort of drift thru life,with my little head lifted to the sky,looking at the breeze & colors as they drift by. And in my head I'm thinking about how it feels to me.I always have.

I've been able to share it a little here and there along the way.Always hopeing that someone will get something good from it,from what I say or maybe just how I saw it--Or maybe just feel some relief that they're not alone.

I know there's some ppl who won't get what I do--Or care. Or don't like me in some personal way.

My honest answer to them? To hurtful Negitive Energy sent my way by a Universe that can chew u up one day--& caress you the next??

Screw it.

You know why?

Because life is terrifyingly simple.

It's too short to care & too long to forget.

I'm causious by nature. I'm the Mama Bear to all who need me--But I would sacrifice all I know for 1 or 2 ppl in my life--With out apology or regret.

I never saw living past 30--Here I am 41.

The amazing beauty I've been allowed to possess in this lifetime--I could have never earned & didn't accept for a long time.

I know now I didn't have to-- I just keep paying it forward every day.

I've seen incredible grace--Under the shittiest raw deals--Handed to the most incredible ppl I will know--
And I stand witness to souls that I still feel I will never come close to being as good as.

But I've had the honor to guard them--& hopefully guide them some too.

In my poems--You see me.

The ppl I see. The way I see them.

The warriors--That's who these ppl are--In every sense.And some do actually wear uniforms--Or did.

The Dragons--Are me.Black wings.Wing spikes. Standing guard from a far.

That's where I'll probably always be.

But I do come closer, more & more as time goes on. I am more comfortable with my wings & spikes & claws--& don't feel like they have to be a hinderance anymore.

It seems that even the wildest Dragons can be tamed.

And I find writing these things--Shareing our lives & stories of Hope & Survivors--with my hatchling & ancient one, & being able to share it all with you--Has helped me fly in a way I never imagined.

Knowing I might help someone else learn how to fly too.

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