Sunday, May 18, 2014

When You Walk Away--T(You Know Why)--#POWMIA/#KIA/#WelcomeHome/#NeverForgotten--Hope&Survivors Series

A Shadow I carry in my Heart.
A Former Self, You & I.
What we 'Used To Be'.
Before You.
When I was Just Me.
But that can't be undone.
What we are now 
Is what we may Always Be.
Something New, I suppose.
Not Less,though.
Not anymore.
That's what we say.
What I know is meant for You & I.
A New Life, a Reason.
A New Direction.
Who Walks Point,who Rests,
& lets The Other take the Lead.
That may change.
But I already know,
that You & I can face anything.
And I know now,
That I 'm no longer afraid.


  1. A journey to trust. Wisdom & freedom as you grow in life. Trust in others & show your vunerable inner self.