Thursday, April 24, 2014

Only You--AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates(My Fav)

Wet dirt beneath my toes
The water runs near me.
Flooding as it goes.
I search for you
And hope you don't know.
Looking up
I see you there.
Seeing me.
I can feel you watch me
Like I know you do.
But this is different.
This is new.
Your graceful 
Perfect movements
Come toward me.
Almost as beautiful 
As they are in my mind.
I see you in front of me
Looking to the side
The way you do.
I'm breathing faster now.
My breath coming fast.
Yours so perfectly slow.
Your eyes never leaving me
Holding me
Touching me from afar
The way you do.
I feel your hands near me.
Your hands
Wet and warm.
Bringing me closer 
To you
The way you do.
Holding me closer still
Your breath on my face.
Your arms around me
Body on me
The way you do.
Telling me to stop trembling
That you won't let me go.
Saying in my ear
What only I can hear
That you'll always have me
The way you do.

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