Friday, April 25, 2014

A #Dragons & Warriors Prayer--R&G

Sands Of Time.
They slip through my claws
Like the thoughts of You.
My Life Here
You wouldn't know.
Wouldn't understand 
Even if I told you.
Beyond Time.
But this time with you
This is enough for me.
A short as it seems.
Because you make
It seem so simple
So clean.
The reasons
for being Here.
Being here with You.
I exist because you do.
I was put here for you.
Your Guardian
Your Protector.
My wings
That could cause pain.
I sharpen them
For you.
I stay strong
To Fly for you.
I Walk The Perimeters
I Walk Point
For you.
If I can't stay
That I will always
Fly near.
Watching you
Even from afar.
Guiding your Path Here
For You.

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