Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home--Black Series

Before the sun rises
A moment appears.
The moon fades from the sky
And peace comes near.

You say this is normal.
That to live in darkness
Must surely be to live 
In fear.

No I say.
That to see in the dark
Is not a curse.
But a gift I crave.

For this gift I hold dear
Is one I once feared.
No longer is your face
One obscured by shadows.

I see you clearly now.
This picture of you.
Your face perfect in my sight.
Your scent guides me here.

For those of us who accept this nature
 Live apart you see.
This shadow place that most others fear.
Darkness holds no mystery for me.

It's the light.
That glaring strobe above 
I realized I never understood.
That which always confused me.

But now
With you here each night as I arrive
I see your face 
Feel your gentle grace.

And I know I am home.

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