Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A "A Day In The Life..." Of A #LKST Poem In Motion--How I Play With My Stray Thoughts When I'm Not On My Blog--"Enjoying The Rain"--A Story Of A Hopeful Survivor

You'll see this Poem in it's original form here
On My Blog.....

BTW--The screen shots of my Poem--Were taken on my daughter's iPod--
This is where I've written all my Poetry here on the Blog
you sit in front of now.

More were written--'Long hand'--On a lined paper notebook
you buy for .99 Cents--At the beginning of every school yr.

I've done this in one notebook after another--
running out of ink
in pens you buy by the dozen for cheap.

I started this Blog 1 1/2 yrs ago--In April 2014. Mostly in a response
to knowing that if I didn't
share this inside me
I'd never be completely
at peace
with myself.

So--I've shared it world wide--
By my Stats--It seems the only land mass
I haven't been
is Iceland.

And all because I started writing when I was sick over 10 yrs ago.

But really
because I've never not written
in one form or another.

To share something that we are
that we become
to know that affects someone
the way it seems
to affect us...
That's amazing.

But for us
it's just
" A Day In The Life....".


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