Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Fur Babies Paws For A Cause"(FBPFAC)--"Artists 4 Animals"(A4A)--PART 1--Art Sale--Animal &Veterans Charities--Fundraising Event

****ReLi Arts****
**Fur Babies Paws For A Cause**
**Artists 4 Animals**
**Special Event**

**On Sat Sept 12 at 3pm/SMT--Thru--Sun Sept 13 at 8pm/SMT**
*ReLi Arts Will Meet On

**In Addition To The Special Event-Lowered-Prices Of 1/3 Off Normal Listing Prices**
*We're Also Celebrating & Honoring
"Patriot Day & POW/MIA Day"
"Grandparents Day"
*With 10% Off Your Total Purchase
That applies To Event Listings As Well

**Join Us For A Very Special Event**
*Portraits & Jewelry Sale--Raffles--Benefiting Animal Charities 
*For Every Sale--We will Donate 1/2 to the Event Participants/Contributors Favorite Animal Charity
*Every Raffle You Enter--We will give the Full Donation to the chosen Animal Charities
*For Each Donation--We will send the Full Amount to Animal Charities

**Join US**
*We will be Hosting a wonderful Opportunity to "Meet" many of our Online Fur Baby--Anipals--& Artist Pals & Friends--
*We will be making several of the Favorite Items we've Created available to you--For The Very First Time.

**We Will Be Releasing Special Items For A One Day Event**
*Commissioned Custom Pet Portraits--Customized with Themes important to the Fur Babies & their Pet Parents
*Pet Portraits--Inspired by Facebook & Twitter Pals & Friends Fur Babies
*Portraits Based On FB & Twitter Artists/Photographers--Encouraging me to Create--& Network with other Artists online
*Victorian Style Jewelry--Earrings Inspired by our love for Victorian Fashions--& By our UK FB & Twitter Pals & Friends

 **All Items Will Be Available on Etsy**
*Each will be Listed & available for Purchase on the 24 HR Event
*Raffle Items will be listed to Enter
*Donations can be made to the Charity you prefer--Even without Purchasing an Item--Or Entering a Raffle

**Event Participants/Contributors & Their Chosen Animal Charities Will Be On The Event Facebook Page**

**All Details Are Available On our Event Facebook Page--& Questions/Comments Can Be Sent There**

**We Couldn't Do This Without You--& Our Wonderful Anipal & Artist Pals & Friends**
*Please Visit some of our amazing Pet Parents--Animal Rescuers--Shelter Volunteers--Animal Activists--Animal Support/Therapy/Assistance Advocates--Grief Support--Fundraising----Animal & Artist Communities.
*Visit "On My Blog" Posts here on my Poetry/Hope & Survivors Blog---For other Places you'll find us--Blogs & Pawties we are involved with/attend--Shopping--Community Networking & Support--& More

*Explore a wonderful OTRB Memorial/Tribute/Grief Support/Angel Baby Networking Blog  ----For OTRB/Memorials/Support--Shopping--Pawties--Blogs--Animal Health & Wellness--& Much more

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