Wednesday, May 6, 2015

To Those Who Visit My Blog In The Ukraine & Russia--Universal Thoughts Shared On My Blog

To the people in Ukraine & Russia who read my Blog--

I've been intrigued by your presence on my Blog each week. I see where you look me up--& navigate your way to me. And I wonder about who must be so far away--But who seems to understand why I write what I do. 

I can only assume that we have some ideas in common--That respect for love & compassion is something we both hold dear to us.

I remember when I was very young--Watching TV, reading books & magazines over the years--& being fascinated by by Eastern European culture & religion. Watching political lines changing farther & farther East. Seeing a language that looked so different than mine. Reading about shared history. 

I am pleased--That with a few simple words from my own heart--I was able to reach so many Counties--Regions--Cultures--Lifestyles--Religions--& Prove to myself, that life really can be this simple...

That love--courage--peace--companionship--Really CAN be universal. 

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