Monday, November 24, 2014

To The One Who Reads My Veteran's Day Poem In Japan--How My Mind Wanders On My Blog

To the one who reads my Veterans Day poem in Japan--

You are the first 'Page View' in Japan--& Since it was on the day I Posted about the Vets I've known--I've sort of figured that was why you read my Blog.

I see today, that it's been read again--& Again my Blog has been read in Japan.

So--I sit here wondering about who you might be.

I guess I do this each time I see a Post has reached across the world from me---As I sit here in my little home , in my relativly small town, in SouthWest USA. And I'm wondering what made someone sit down--Pick up an iPod or iPhone, or open their computer...& think of me.

I'm hoping, each time I share these things with ppl, that maybe it reaches someone--& At the same time, this tiny keyboard on a generation old iPod, is just a different kind of pen & paper for me--Just getting some thoughts out of my head.

I know our lives are different than many--& I know they will never be quite 'normal'--But that's that's the point, isn't it, I guess.

I think that there must be Folks out there that need to hear they're 'not the only ones'--& Ppl that need to hear that being who ever you are isn't bad or wrong, even when it seems like it must be.

And those Folks that still don't believe in you, when all you can do is live & be happy? Well--Those ppl need to hear that they don't control Destiny--We do...The Weird Ones--The Ones Who Struggle--The Ones Who Sometimes Wonder If They're Alone.

And I think that we must not be--Because I look around the world, each time I look at my Blog.

So--This brings me back to you--This lone person in Japan--Who discovered me sitting here typing away, & heard something you recognized a literal world away.

And maybe I'll explain someday, why it fascinates me--Why this one place, this one person, is so important to me.

But for now--Just know--That it's been nice to 'meet' you.

Hope to 'see' you again soon.

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