Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Floor Below--Hope&Survivors/Recovery Series--How I Cope On My Blog

They live everywhere
But I remember 
When I was little
I was sure they were under my bed.
I remember lying there
On the edge
Looking over 
& knowing I could see them
Then I could conquer them.
I couldn't lay against the wall 
At my back
Couldn't just sit there & wait.
So I layed there 
Looking down 
Over the edge
At the carpet
The floor close enough to touch
If I braved my arm out that far.
And I tell you
The scariest thing in the world
To a kid lying in the dark
Is the floor below.
The unkown
On the way there.
What lays there in the dark
Waiting to get you
On the way down.
And you discover that
The rest of life isn't that much different.
That the reach down to nowhere
Is scary as hell
Cause it's the Monsters waiting to get you
That you can't see
That scare us the most.
As you reach farther
In the dark spaces below
It becomes easier to see.
That the only thing I was afraid of
Was me.

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