Sunday, September 14, 2014

ReLiArts--Arts&Crafts&Photographs--In-Person&On-Line--Something New On My Blog

I'm excited to tell you about a new little project we have going...

We'll be opening an Online Store soon--With my Offline Family--& Some great advice from some of my Online Friends & Pals.

We'll be making a lot of what we already make as a hobby in our spare time--So selling it to you will be a fun additional way to extend that hobby even more.

We work in Jewlery, Hair Accessories, Keychains, Cards, Gift Bags, Tote Bags, Photography, & Crochet Doll & Stuffie/Plushie Clothes.

Our Jewelery & Keychains are made with----
Beads--Wood, plastic, acrylic, stones/rocks/genuine gems, & glass
String--Hemp, cotton, plastic, elastic, faux leather, & wire
Styles--Kids &young at heart, hippie, goth/punk, Victorian/classic, scene, holiday, causes, military, pets, tribute/memorial, dolls & stuffies/plushies, fan art(NOT official licensed merch-NO copyright infringement intended)

Our Hair Accessories are made with----
Clips, Barretts, Hair Ties--Sturdy metal & cotton/ elastic construction
Decorative--Ribbions, rhinestone gems, fabric flowers, & more
Styles--See Jewelery

Our Cards (with envelope) & Gift Bags are made with----
Paper--Sturdy card stock & construction
Pens--Gel, smooth ink, fine point felt tip
Decorative-- Drawn by hand, stickers, fabric, rhinestone gems, stamps, & more
Messages--Original work by my daughter, my mom, & me (many times Poetry from my blog), & blank cards also avalable
Styles--See Jewlery

Our Tote Bags are made with----
Bags-- Sturdy cotton & construction
Decorative--Beads, appliqué, fabric,  ribbons, & more
Styles--See Jewlery

Our Photographs are made with----
Paper--Sturdy photo paper
Colors--Color, black & white
Styles--Family, pets, travel(Arizona,USA), historical sites, & more

Our Crochet Doll & Stuffie/Plushie Clothes are made with----
Sizes--Fashion doll, play doll, teddy bear
Styles/Selection--Hats, scarves, mittens, sock/slipper/shoes

We are already in production--& Are in the process of getting the Web Site set up to provide On-Line sales soon--& We've even gotten a few sales already from folks In-Person here locally.

You can find us now on--
Twitter- ReLi Arts @ArtsRe
YouTube- ReLi Arts
Google + - ReLi Arts
Instagram- reliarts2014

Until then--We'll keep you updated--& We plan to participate in some local Arts & Crafts events this Fall & Winter to get our little business started.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the interest & support, in & about what we do--Hope to see you all soon.

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