Monday, August 18, 2014

Shopping--Pets&People--Tributes &/Or Just For Fun--Cool Sites I Want To Include On My Blog

I wanted to add an Anipal Shopping Post to my Blog--Simular to the Pages I have on the HealingPurrsPawty Blog.

These are folks I've met through the Anipal & Pet Owners Communities on Twitter & FaceBook--Who have businesses online--For Pets & their People. Many offer % to Charities-Pawties-Donate to Auctions-Or are little family owned businesses that are their only source of income--But each has something special to offer.

I discovered these great Pals on Twitter--

I discovered these great Pals on FaceBook--
She has also included me in her Blog under "Hall Of Fame" -- A place to find other great folks. PamsPantry & &

And of course--ReLi Arts--
Look for my Post on this Blog about where else to find us.

I'll add to this list as time goes on--PLZ contact me if you think your offline or online Pet or Animal themed business would be a nice fit advertised here.

And don't worry if what you sell is mostly for People--We advertise these businesses too!--Our Goal is too promote Folks who do good in whatever Community they cater too.

So look around--Have fun--& Tell our merchant Pals I say Hello.

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