Monday, April 21, 2014

You Inspire My Blog

I've met lots of Poets in my world--Some just don't realize it.
But you'll see many of them here--Either by name if we're to look up my Twitter & FaceBook Time Lines---Or by the inspiration they give me.

First--Always--Is my Offline Family.The ones who make my world spin--Who create my days--And shine light into my nights.

Others you'll get to know here are in my own little personal world--A Family in a scense I suppose--Who live in my Poets mind--Who I want to live&breath--Even if it's in words.

And then you'll meet on Online Family--Loosely tied together within Twitter & Facebook Communities--Who each do something special for me--And everyone they come accros--In their own way.

I hope you come to appreciate & enjoy them along this journey,the way I do.

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