Monday, April 21, 2014

When I'm Not On My Blog

You'll find me here,&in other places,letting my mind wonder.

Libraries,bookstores,museums--In a good book, or TV show & movie on DVD--Inside a song going to a place only they can take me--On our porch playing with a ton of Feral Cats & our Former Stray Dobbie Mix Dog--Playing a board or card game just because it's fun--Navigating life's ups & downs with a Higher Power & strong support system on my side--And of course,just wandering through another story in my mind.

You can also find me Online, with many of the reasons for the Poetry you'll see while you're here--

LisaKnigge @StuffMyPetsSay

Lisa Knigge(Profile includes Phoenix AZ--Singing Ginger Cat Avi--Autism Awareness Header)

Blogs-- --
An OTRB Gentle Tunes #Anipal Pawty Blog --
Find me in #LightACandleForAPalChallange #MemoryCandleMonday
#NeonCandles #SpecialNeedsSpecialAbilitiesSaturday
#TributeAndAnipalShopping --
An OTRB Dance Tunes #Anipal Pawty Blog

Travel some of these places too--And enjoy the ride.

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